[j-nsp] Virtual Chassis RPD/BGP Rsync high CPU

Scott Harvanek scott.harvanek at login.com
Thu Sep 18 11:38:44 EDT 2014

Has anyone had a issue with MX units in a VC where BGP rsync was 
consuming a boatload of CPU?

Master chassis shows:
Task                       Started    User Time  System Time Longest Run
BGP rsync                     9650          10. 0.8          0.0
( BGP rsync is the only task with any user time during high user CPU for 
rpd )

now, that's only like 20% CPU on the master but on the slave it's 
90%....  This seems to have happened when our total paths exceeded 2MM 
but does not seem to be a memory issue:

     Dynamically allocated memory:  411009024      Maximum: 808517632
          Program data+BSS memory:    5537792      Maximum:   5537792
               Page data overhead:    1196032      Maximum:   1196032
              Page directory size:     212992      Maximum:    212992
               Total bytes in use:  417955840 (12% of available memory)

Scott H.

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