[j-nsp] About RD in vpls multi-homing environment.

Pyxis LX pyxislx at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 14:17:57 EDT 2015

Hi, All.

I am not sure whether PEs connected to the same vpls site should be
configured with the same RD or not.

"JNCIS-SP Study Guide Part 3" P.415 states that both PE connected to
the same site should be configured with the same RD.
(The topology chart is available at P.409, PE2 & PE3 connect to the same site)

However, when I configure them with the same RD, PE3 will not announce
any l2vpn routes to other PEs, is that normal?

And I found another configuration example on Juniper website:


This example suggests that PE1 and PE2 should use different RDs.

 Which one is correct, or I take the wrong example?

 Thank You.


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