[j-nsp] Problem with ether-type changing on QFX3500 VC

Andrew Osnach andrew at osnach.kiev.ua
Tue Apr 14 09:42:29 EDT 2015


I've got two QFX3500 in a virtual chassis with JunOS 13.2X51-D30.4.

I've upgraded from a standalone QFX3500 with JunOS 12.3X50-D30.2 where 
I've got this statement:

ethernet-switching-options {
     dot1q-tunneling {
         ether-type 0x8100;

But after upgrading to 13.2 there's no even stanza 
ethernet-switching-options in the configuration mode, although there's a 
link in the documentation about it 

How can I change ether-type in JunOS 13.2?

Thanks in advance.

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