[j-nsp] event-options to modify configuration

Chen Jiang ilovebgp4 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 11:40:36 EDT 2015

Hi! Experts

I tried to use event-options to change the JUNOS configuration but there is
some issue, are you experience the same issue and could shed some light on

Thanks for your help!

lab at r1# show event-options
generate-event {
    Configure-Ot-Change time-of-day "21:44:00 +0800";
policy cfg-change {
    events Configure-Ot-Change;
    then {
        change-configuration {
            retry count 3 interval 1;
            commands {
                "set interface ge-1/0/0 description test";
            user-name lab;
            commit-options {
                log "it works";

lab at r1# show system login
user lab {
    class super-user;
    authentication {
        encrypted-password "$1$bCUr1ywM$IsPhjvdT88q/EGwtPD1UX1"; ##

lab at r1# run show log messages | match "21:44"
Apr  7 21:44:02  r1 eventd: EVENTD_CONFIG_CHANGE_FAILED: Configuration
change failed: rpc to management daemon failed while executing policy
cfg-change with user lab privileges


           James Chen

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