[j-nsp] DHCPv6 routing instance to reach server, or fooling flow sessions with firewall filters

Mike Williams mike.williams at comodo.com
Wed Apr 22 05:24:24 EDT 2015

Mike WilliamsOn Tuesday 21 April 2015 14:22:43  wrote:
> Client -> M-series (relay) -> (VLAN 2920) J-series (VLAN 100) -> Server 
> Server -> (VLAN 100) J-series (VLAN 2980) ....

I fudged it by adding more IPs to the DHCPv6 server, then statically routing 
to them on the M out the "right" interface.

The old bootp helper has the option to specify a routing instance to reach the 
DHCP server, shame that wasn't carried over to the dhcp-relay stuff.

Mike Williams

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