[j-nsp] Thoughts on MX80 v MX104 RE performance

Raphael Mazelier raph at futomaki.net
Thu Apr 23 11:49:20 EDT 2015

Le 23/04/15 15:13, Saku Ytti a écrit :

> Yeah at least 10k has XEON. I don't really understand why vendors use PPC, is
> it mainly motivated by BOM or pincount/thermal or some other issues?

Yes on cheap boxes, ppc processor still have a good power/price ratio.
The real problem is the performance of junos on ppc.
It can be acceptable on cheap switch (like the EX series), but not on MX.

> But yeah, JunOS relies on terrific single thread performance, but unsure how
> long they can get away with it.

Juniper is aware of this problem, and work on this. Junos 15 should have 
limited smp capabilities (afaik rpd will still not be multi-thread).

> For some reason, IOS with equivalent CPU is much faster to converge.

Cisco have made the effort to rewrite their os (and not only once, 
ios15, ios-xr, nxos, etc...). Juniper should make the same, and rewrite 
junos from scratch in my opinion, and I think the monolithic design of 
rpd should be rethinked.


Raphael Mazelier

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