[j-nsp] MX5 10G Ports

Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 16:43:07 EDT 2015

I know legally you are not supposed to use the four 10G built in ports on a
Juniper MX5 unless you buy an upgrade license to a MX40 or MX80 level. I
would like to know if technically will these ports work, or has Juniper
software locked them down?

Some old posts said that they have not locked them down.Others say you can
use it for 30 days, but then they don't mention what happens after 30 days?
Some say you can use it, but then the box constantly throws errors.

I see from the feature explorer, version Junos OS 13.2R1 has a " Enforcing
license-based restrictions while upgrading Junos OS" feature.This feature
is provided along with support for an upgrade license key for license-based
features. When upgrading a Junos OS installation, a license for a feature
is considered valid if the release version in the license key is greater
than or equal to the release version of the software upgrade. Valid license
keys are displayed in the output of the show system license command.


In this guide it says: Restricting port capacity is achieved by making a
set of MIC slots and ports licensable. MICs without a license are locked,
and are unlocked or made usable by installing appropriate upgrade licenses. The
base capacity of a router is identified by the Ideeprom assembly ID (I2C
ID), which defines the board type. However, the Junos OS licensing
infrastructure allows the use of restricted ports without a license for a
grace period of 30 days. After the grace period expires, the router reverts
back to the base capacity if no upgrade license is purchased and installed
for the locked ports.
Does anyone have real world experience with using the 10G ports on a MX5?

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