[j-nsp] IS-IS not installing route into RIB

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Feb 6 03:41:17 EST 2015

On 6/Feb/15 09:28, Dragan Jovicic wrote:
> Hi,
> The route is not in routing table of those two routers.
> Every other router installs redistributed route, except those two which are
> redistributing the route. Those two only show static/5 route, not ISIS form
> other neighbor.
> show isis route does not show that prefix is calculated, so it is not in
> ISIS RIB hence not in inet.0.
> But LSP shows redistributed route. Once one of the hosts removes it's
> static route, only then is new ISIS route installed.
> I suppose the behavior I expected was to install ISIS route form other
> neighbor as well, albeit as inactive.

As static routes are better than routes learned from dynamic routing 
protocols, this is expected behaviour unless you tune the preference of 
either your static route or IS-IS on the affected router.


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