[j-nsp] L2Circuit with BGP/LDP

Adam Vitkovsky Adam.Vitkovsky at gamma.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 04:51:39 EST 2015

Hi Scott,

There are two ways how you can setup the E-lines using BGP. 
BGP Auto Discovery with LDP signalling. 
BGP Auto Discovery with BGP signalling. 

I think the second one is what you want to accomplish. 

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> Hey all-
> I've got a question about a L2Circuit, normally we use LDP/OSPF, the
> loopback of the neighbor is reachable as the OSPF route for that /32 is
> available in the internal LDP route table.  BGP routes are not imported
> into this table, my question is, is there a way to have a /32 received
> over BGP known by LDP and all other routes excluded? We have a situation
> where OSPF is less desirable and I'd rather not setup a routing-instance
> to do full BGP signalling for this if we don't have to.
> --
> Scott H.
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