[j-nsp] draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-ipv6-16

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Fri Feb 20 16:17:52 EST 2015

On (2015-02-20 09:00 -0500), Tim Durack wrote:

Hey Tim,

> I also need some flavor of L2VPN (eVPN) and L3VPN (VPNv4/VPNv6) working
> over IPv6.

L3VPN uses BGP exclusively for VPN label signalling, no need for LDP.

For L2VPN only Martini uses LDP, but if you have choice, why wouldn't you
choose Kompella, the scaling factor is superior, as you only have 2 signalling
connection, instead of n*(n-1)/2 signalling sessions. And you get to
capitalize on instantly available backuo path.
Of course I know that in CSCO land Kompella isn't available on every platform
where Martini is, so you indeed may need LDP for some time until old platforms
are phased out. 'Luckily' these older platforms have dubious IPv6 anyhow, so
you might opt them out from IPv6 deployment anyhow.

> IPv6 control plane this decade may yet be optimistic.

For greenfield it's doable today (only Kompella pseudowires), but IPv6-only
would require 4PE, I don't know if that works/exists.


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