[j-nsp] Route Reflector within a L3VPN

Tom Eichhorn tom at wirkbetrieb.net
Fri Feb 20 15:16:36 EST 2015

Hi Guys,

I currently try to bring the following construct to work:

I have a standard CE-PE-PE-CE l3vpn construct, and want to use as CE-PE 
protocol BGP.
But I want the CE not talk BGP to the PE (that is standard and everyone 
can do that), but instead to a RR.
What I did is creating the routing instance on the RR, configure 
protocols bgp foo within in the routing-instance,
and also got the CE talk to that instance route reflector.

But now comes the catch: the reflected routes to the PE have as next-hop 
always the RR, and the RR has the PE as next-hop.
I believe I only have to find the right knob to push from RR to PE 
simply the origin next-hop as sent from the CE,
but I didn't find it - any clues?


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