[j-nsp] Route Reflector within a L3VPN

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Feb 20 17:04:36 EST 2015

On 20/Feb/15 22:16, Tom Eichhorn wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I currently try to bring the following construct to work:
> I have a standard CE-PE-PE-CE l3vpn construct, and want to use as
> CE-PE protocol BGP.
> But I want the CE not talk BGP to the PE (that is standard and
> everyone can do that), but instead to a RR.
> What I did is creating the routing instance on the RR, configure
> protocols bgp foo within in the routing-instance,
> and also got the CE talk to that instance route reflector.
> But now comes the catch: the reflected routes to the PE have as
> next-hop always the RR, and the RR has the PE as next-hop.
> I believe I only have to find the right knob to push from RR to PE
> simply the origin next-hop as sent from the CE,
> but I didn't find it - any clues?

Why don't you set the NEXT_HOP attribute to what you want on the RR in
the outbound routing policy applied toward the PE router? Unless this is
what you're already doing and it's not working as expected?


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