[j-nsp] MX extended DHCP server static address binding

Ben Dale bdale at comlinx.com.au
Thu Jan 15 17:52:09 EST 2015

Hi Misak,

> I can successfully describe  host 0000089 in Pool1 and it will get predefined IP address, but if I do the same for Pool2 to assign host IP address from that pool, host gets random address from Pool1. My  guess is that DHCP server will never consider Pool2 configuration until all Pool1 addresses will be assigned. For me it's a clearly bug in that case.

You are correct:


linked pools won't be utilised until the primary pool is depleted, so not really a bug, but 

> Please advise how I can assign IP address from Pool2 to host. Juniper MX480, JunOS 14.2R1.9

I don't think this is possible - if you move the host definition into Pool1 with it's correct IP address, it'll fail the network range bounds check.

The only option I can see would be defining a "network" range that covers both Pools (if this is even possible) inside Pool1, then configure two separate range definitions inside that to cover your current address ranges.



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