[j-nsp] Q-in-Q with VSTP

Ross Halliday ross.halliday at wtccommunications.ca
Wed Jun 17 14:24:46 EDT 2015

Hi list,

First time caller, long time admirer (okay so we're a mostly Cisco shop and just got some Juniper stuff in the last few months - whatever...)

I'm bashing away at a conundrum here. I'm trying to lab a setup for a multi-VLAN subscriber over some GPON gear. The setup is:

MX104 --2x--> OLT --> ONT --> subscriber

The ONT is able to strip the outer VLAN tag facing the subscriber, so the CE can hit all of the inner VLANs directly. The OLT presents frames with both outer  and inner tags to the MX, so I must strip the outer in order to work with the subscriber's services. Link bundling/aggregation between the MX and OLT are not an option, so I need to use spanning tree.

So, I am trying to create a bridge domain with VSTP enabled for VLANs that aren't accessible with a simple "vlan-id-list" or "vlan-id".

I cannot get this to work. I've tried "vlan-tags outer 9 inner 9" with separate units per inner VLAN, as well as sending everything into a vswitch like detailed here http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/junos14.2/topics/topic-map/layer-2-services-stp-vstp-on-trunk-port-with-tagged-traffic-example.html ...but the STP instance just doesn't seem to recognize the interface, and my CE doesn't see any BPDUs on that VLAN.

I can't even find if this feature is supported - my searches on Juniper's site don't show anything with spanning tree and Q-in-Q or double-tags or inner tags etc on the same page.

Is anybody else trying to do this? Or suggested solution? If the MX supported Redundant Trunk Groups (like Cisco FlexLink) this would be so much easier.


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