[j-nsp] Multi Core on JUNOS?

Chad Myers Chad.Myers at theice.com
Mon Nov 9 17:08:28 EST 2015

Since I rekindled this once already...

I don't get what the benefit of "load <blah> interactive" would be over just doing normal set commands.  Putting everything on a single line with inline comments like that seems like a recipe for headaches.  Each time I look at it I have to go back over it again 2-3 times to make sense of what is a comment, what is a setting, and how they actually link together.  Could just be me having a hard time grasping it quickly.

On a related note, this reminded me of something in the behavior of "load terminal" that bit me once and I'm wondering if it bit anyone else.  When using load merge terminal, and likely replace and override as well, if you break out using ctrl-C to abort the load instead of ctrl-D to save it,  it doesn't actually abort the load.  Anything that parsed successfully up to that point is now part of the candidate configuration, exactly the same as if you used ctrl-D to exit "load terminal" normally.  Anyone else learn that unexpectedly?


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> This would allow set-ish style (since the UI really doesn't need the
> braces on input) as well as allowing the placement of comments:
> [edit]
> cli# load terminal merge interactive
> [Type ^D at a new line to end input]
> protocols bgp /* foo is cool */ group foo /* local-as is also */ local-as 42;
> /* You can also put braces here */
> protocols {
>     bgp {
>        /* goo is not */
>        group goo { local-as 51; }}}
> ^D
> load complete

Is it possible to delete last line(s) ? If yes then this way of
configuring something will become the only one I will use all the time. :-)

I think it's great.

> But I need to work out what (and how) would get redrawn when you
> type "?" deep under braces (like at the "51" above).  I can't emit
> the [edit] line, but just redrawing the current line doesn't give
> the context the way I'd like it to.  Perhaps a distinct key to give
> the content-as-edit-line?

I'd be happy even with the current line. But maybe someone else will
have more ideas ?
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