[j-nsp] Juniper and Cisco - BGP MPLS L2VPN VPLS interoperability

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Fri Nov 20 13:07:41 EST 2015

Can anyone share any experiences with interoperating Cisco and Juniper BGP


Yesterday I fired up L2VPN configs in my ACX5048 and MX104 in my lab and
brought up BGP L2VPN address family and got some bad results


It caused all of my Cisco ME3600's in my network to send BGP Notifications
and drop their MP-BGP neighbor sessions to the Route Reflector core and
purge all their vpnv4, vpnv6 and l2vpn topology tables !


Bad customer impact. lots of trouble.


"Rollback 1" on ACX and MX and all is well


Anyway have trouble in this area ?




P.S. for a couple weeks those same ACX and MX were running just fine with my
route reflector core (dual asr9k's) and running fine with BGP MPLS L3VPN's
(layer 3) routing-instances. able to talk to the rest of the routing
domains, etc.  all that seemed fine.  It was just this L2VPN stuff yesterday
was bad.


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