[j-nsp] Suggestions on management of dual-RE devices

Mike Williams mike.williams at comodo.com
Tue Nov 24 13:07:32 EST 2015

Hi all,

So we just got our first Juniper devices with dual-REs (if you exclude virtual 
Before I get into actually configuring them, I'm wondering how others handle 
management, as I'm a touch confused.

Normally we just SSH/snmp to the loopback address, optionally jumping off from 
a device on the same OoB network if routing is down (yes, we should configure 
a backup router).

Juniper document providing each RE with it's own loopback address.
If you do that, you'd have to detect if what you're connected to is master or 
backup, right?
That might be a necessary trade off. As if you had a single loopback address, 
wouldn't the system SSH key change as loopback "moved" between the REs?
Can a 'global' single loopback even be configured?

Or do dual-RE devices actually work like virtual chassis, where the system SSH 
key is the same on all nodes, and connections to the backup are internally 
redirected to the master?


Mike Williams

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