[j-nsp] Cisco ASR 9001 vs Juniper MX104

john doe killbop at zoho.com
Mon Nov 30 05:34:02 EST 2015

Hey guys,

Working on a project here and it's more or less SP focused,

Which is not a muscle I've worked on lately, mostly been doing campus stuff.

Looking at MX104 vs ASR 9001 as a potential solution.

Requirements are fairly straightforward  - 1GE to collect customers and 10GE going northbound (up to 30 Gbps), full MPLS and IP stack, possibly Carrier NAT.

Customer wants a box that will give them most room to grown in terms of scale/features. And we can't go full modular since rack space is big pain for these guys. Price is also an issue (as usual)

I heard good stuff about Juniper SP gear, while not so complimentary things of ASR. But that was when platform was introduced and they had all sorts of IOS-XR adventures.

Would love to hear some input from here as vendor claims are conflicting (nothing new here I guess)



Anyone with experience on ISSU on these platforms?

I've done some googling and it seems like on both platforms it's dependent upon line cards you use.

Plus most of the stuff I found was covering big chassis systems, not the low range.            

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