[j-nsp] Multi Core on JUNOS?

Adam Vitkovsky Adam.Vitkovsky at gamma.co.uk
Thu Oct 8 16:55:25 EDT 2015

Hi Saku,

> Of Saku Ytti
> Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2015 5:34 PM
> TimOS has been able to distribute work from BGP to many cores, as far as I
> know all other vendors will only ever use one core for BGP at given time.
Actually IOS XR "had" the capability to run BGP in a standalone or distributed mode on CRS (found a comment that on 4.2.0 the "bgp distributed speaker" config was removed).
-in distributed mode up to 15 BGP speaker process could be offloaded to DRPs -even in different nodes (multi-chassis) and you can assign peers to different speaker processes.
-but there are some drawbacks during best path selection algorithm because only the partial best paths for a local speaker process are stored into dRIB that is then shared via IPC between the different speaker processes.
-and also some restrictions on how AFs can be distributed across the speaker processes but it's worth nothing that in case of a failure of one process/AF the other AFs are intact.

The other "current" possibility on XR is to run Multi-Instance BGP.
In this mode each BGP instance (max 4) is a completely separate set of processes running on the same or different RP or DRP the processes don’t share any RIB so no need for distributed adj-rib-in.
If required each instance can have a different AS number.

I'm not familiar with TimOS (other than reviewing the config guide) so I'd be interested to see what options are there.


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