[j-nsp] EX4300 - Too many VLAN-IDs on interface

Dan Peachey dan at illusionnetworks.com
Wed Oct 21 11:29:24 EDT 2015


I just hit an issue where I tried to configure 2000 VLAN's on a LAG and got
the error message "Too many VLAN-IDs on interface". If I remove the
interface from the LAG I am able to configure all the VLAN's without issue.
Based on the unit number that threw the error it seems like the number of
VLAN's configurable is limited to 1024.

The LAG had 2 member interfaces, each of which were on separate switches in
a VC stack (2 switches). Encapsulation on the LAG was

Anyone else seen this? Is this a known limitation?

JunOS version is 13.2X51-D36.1.



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