[j-nsp] authentication failure in case of configuration archival over scp

Martin T m4rtntns at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 12:16:40 EDT 2015


I have a Juniper router(Junos 10.4R12.4) which should archive its
configuration over scp in case of commit:

configuration {
    archive-sites {
password "$9$2joDkf5F9tOik0IhcMWGDjq5Q"; ## SECRET-DATA

In addition, it has SSH server public-key under "ssh-known-hosts".
This setup worked fine for a while, but all of the sudden router is no
longer able to scp its configuration to server. Router simply logs
that "transfer-file failed to transfer" and SSH server log tells that
"error: PAM: Authentication failure for juniper from r1". If I execute
scp from shell("start shell sh"), then there are no problems:

$ scp /var/transfer/config/r1_juniper.conf.gz_20151021_135546
juniper at backupserver:/home/juniper/configbackups

            100%   64KB  64.4KB/s   00:00

What might cause this?


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