[j-nsp] Limit on interfaces in bundle

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu Oct 29 20:37:29 EDT 2015

On 30 October 2015 at 01:31, Adam Vitkovsky <Adam.Vitkovsky at gamma.co.uk>


For labelled traffic it should be:
> label 1-5 (by default)
> MPLS Payload (L3-header for L3VPN packets or L2-header for L2VPN/PW
> packets)
> And the LU chip should receive 320B chunk so there should be enough space
> to base the hash on 5Labels,CW,DMAC,SMAC,2VLANs,DIP,SIP,DPort,SPort but I
> don’t know if it’s implemented like this –it needs to be tested and
> documented.

​Exactly. So if it's smart device, like Trio, it can do smart thing with or
without control-word (unsure if Trio does, and it does, since what
versions), if it's stupid box, lack of control-word causes breakage.
So I see no scenario when it's preferable to omit control-word. ​


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