[j-nsp] negative arp chache on JunOS

Jiri Lunacek jiri.lunacek at hosting90.cz
Fri Dec 9 08:45:14 EST 2016


I’d like to return to this post from march: http://puck.nether.net/pipermail/juniper-nsp/2016-March/032331.html

Has anyone found a way how to cache negative ARP results in JunOS?

We have a problem in EX4200 switch with high CPU usage and we have narrowed it down to excessive ARP requests being sent by the CPU to non-existent addresses.

The only way of working around this I could come up with was defining discard routes for all interface prefixes and then importing a host route for every active address in our network. And that is a last resort I would rather not use.

Thank you.

Jiri Lunacek

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