[j-nsp] libcurl for SLAX missing HTTPS/SSL support?

Phil Shafer phil at juniper.net
Wed Dec 14 11:50:54 EST 2016

Jeff Wheeler writes:
>I was hoping to call an API by HTTPS from a script.  To my surprise,
>libcurl on vSRX 15.1X49-D60.7 on AWS doesn't support SSL, and neither
>does fetch, etc.

In "classic" JUNOS, the ssl library is provided by the jcrypto
package, which ships as part of the "domestic" software bundles.
I'd assume there's something similar for SRX, where the "export"
version lacks strong encryption and the "domestic" version has it.
Check your "show version" output and talk with your AM re: getting
ssl-capable sw.


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