[j-nsp] Measure transit traffic to specific destination

Matthew Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
Fri Dec 30 10:41:33 EST 2016

I’m sending IPFIX flows to Scrutinizer and can generate the type of reports you are looking for.   ‘All bandwidth from X ASN’, ect


On 12/30/16, 2:16 AM, "juniper-nsp on behalf of Santanu Mandal" <juniper-nsp-bounces at puck.nether.net on behalf of santanumandal2007 at gmail.com> wrote:

    Dear all,
    I want to measure traffic bandwidth consuming for a specific destination IP
    from My Orzanization. Say how much is bandwidth is consumed for destination
    x.x.x.x out of total bandwidth in my ISP link.
    I have configured S-flow, but there I can see total amount of traffic
    transfered over a period of time. But My concern is, data transfer rate
    confumed for this destination, not tootal amount of data.
    It would be gratfull if you can suggest a tool for this purpose or how to
    approach to achive this.
    Thanking you
    ​ in advance​
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