[j-nsp] force-64bit

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Wed Jun 1 14:29:28 EDT 2016

 ❦  1 juin 2016 18:22 CEST, Phil Rosenthal <pr at isprime.com> :

> Even on systems with many peers, 5+ full tables, and a full IGP mesh,
> I haven’t seen rpd much over 1GB of ram in use.  64bit rpd would only
> be beneficial if you have a need for a rpd process using more than 4GB
> of ram.

The other benefit would be the ability for rpd to make use of more CPU
registers and to be faster. On average, one could expect a 20% speedup
when recompiling for x86-64. I have absolutely no idea if such number
would apply to rpd.
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