[j-nsp] force-64bit

Olivier Benghozi olivier.benghozi at wifirst.fr
Wed Jun 1 18:02:20 EDT 2016

This is not completely contradictory with the Juniper doc ; as usual with the Juniper doc written with feet, you have to read between the lines:

-> Written in the doc: "Tip: You need not restart the routing protocol process (rpd) to use the 64-bit mode"
-> To be understood: "Joke: You need not restart rpd yourself, because it will be done automatically at the commit and ruin your network for about 10 minutes".

By the way, auto-64-bit is probably the good option to use, since it activates the 64 bit mode only if you have enough RAM installed.
We've been used 64 bit rpd here for 1 year (in 13.3 and 14.2).

> Le 1 juin 2016 à 20:20, Theo Voss <mail at theo-voss.de> a écrit :
> I’ve lost a rpd suddenly during daily ops a couple of month ago by OOM, ATAC investigated the issue for months and conclusion was solely OOM. Referring to my question, Tim says "Enabling this will cause RPD to restart as you kill one process and start another.“. That’s what I suspected, but is contradictory to the Juniper documentation, thanks! :-)

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