[j-nsp] ACX50xx l2circuit counters

raf raph at futomaki.net
Mon Jun 20 11:43:12 EDT 2016

Le 20/06/2016 à 06:03, Nathan Ward a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I’m deploying some ACX5048 boxes, doing l2circuits from subinterfaces off to BNGs and so on.
> We’re wanting to get counters for each l2circuit, or each subinterface, but as soon as a an l2circuit is attached to a subint, we lose all counters.
> We can achieve what we want, more or less, by writing a ccc family firewall filter that matches anything and accepts+counts. It works, but it’s certainly a bit of a hack.
> Does anyone have and tricks to make l2circuit counters work properly, or, is this a lost cause?
> Have asked JTAC about this, and am waiting on a response for ~ 1 week now.

Well I guess this will be a lost cause :/
I have to use firewall counter as well for counting sub interface or 
vlan interface, which it less corner case in my opinion. It may be a 
chipset limitation ?

Raphael Mazelier

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