[j-nsp] ACX50xx l2circuit counters

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Mon Jun 20 17:37:08 EDT 2016

Yeah, strange my subinterface doesn't show any packets out, but the phy int shows currently 17 mbps going out right now...

Maybe these counters are broken on the subint... I tried walking with snmp but I still didn't see any traffic for the subinterface used on the l2circuit

agould at blcn-h-5048> show interfaces ge-0/0/12 statistics
Physical interface: ge-0/0/12, Enabled, Physical link is Up
  Interface index: 650, SNMP ifIndex: 521
  Link-level type: Ethernet-CCC, MTU: 1514, LAN-PHY mode, Speed: 1000mbps, BPDU Error: None, MAC-REWRITE Error: None, Loopback: Disabled,
  Source filtering: Disabled, Flow control: Disabled, Auto-negotiation: Enabled, Remote fault: Online, Media type: Copper
  Device flags   : Present Running
  Interface flags: SNMP-Traps Internal: 0x4000
  Link flags     : None
  CoS queues     : 8 supported, 8 maximum usable queues
  Current address: 20:4e:71:45:12:34, Hardware address: 20:4e:71:45:12:34
  Last flapped   : 2016-05-25 14:38:24 CDT (3w5d 01:55 ago)
  Statistics last cleared: Never
  Input rate     : 17802616 bps (1633 pps)
  Output rate    : 0 bps (0 pps)
  Input errors: 0, Output errors: 0
  Active alarms  : None
  Active defects : None
  Interface transmit statistics: Disabled

  Logical interface ge-0/0/12.0 (Index 557) (SNMP ifIndex 523)
    Flags: Up SNMP-Traps 0x4004000 Encapsulation: Ethernet-CCC
    Input packets : 68
    Output packets: 0
    Protocol ccc, MTU: 1514
      Flags: Is-Primary


agould at blcn-h-5048> show l2circuit connections brief
Layer-2 Circuit Connections:

Legend for connection status (St)

Legend for interface status
Up -- operational
Dn -- down
    Interface                 Type  St     Time last up          # Up trans
    ge-0/0/12.0(vc 1)         rmt   Up     May 25 14:38:24 2016           1

- Aaron

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