[j-nsp] Core network design for an ISP

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Mar 25 04:32:38 EDT 2016

On 25/Mar/16 01:57, Matthew Crocker wrote:

> Hello,
> What is the current best practice for carrying full tables in MX series routers?   I have 3 new MX480s coming soon and will use them to rebuild my core network (currently a mix of MX240 & MX80 routers).  MPC-NG (w/ 20x1g & 10x10g MICS )& RE-S-X6-64G-BB.

If you're going for that many 10Gbps ports, consider 100Gbps instead;
although I'm not sure what your requirements for that would be.

> I’m running MPLS now and have full tables in the default route instance.   Does it make more sense (i.e. more secure core) to run full tables in a separate virtual-router?  I’ve been doing this small ISP thing for 20+ years, Cisco before, Juniper now, I’ve always bashed my way through.

You'll get varying views on carrying the full table in a VRF or logical

I find not doing this to be simple, but others on this list feel the
reverse. It's up to you.

> Looking for a book, NANOG presentation or guide on what is current best practice with state of the art gear.
> MPLS?  BGP? IS-IS? LDP? etc.

Yes, all of those would be good.

Since you already have an MPLS network, keep it.

IS-IS is a great IGP. Definitely recommend it.

LDP is a simple way to distribute labels. But think about SR and SPRING
for the future as well.


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