[j-nsp] Core network design for an ISP

Raphael Mazelier raph at futomaki.net
Fri Mar 25 12:01:40 EDT 2016

Le 25/03/2016 02:02, Luis Balbinot a écrit :

> For iBGP consider multiple loopback addresses for different families. I'd
> do v4 and v6 (6PE with MPLS) with one family and inet-vpn, l2vpn, etc on
> another one. Even with newer REs a full table is taking quite some time to
> come up.

Multiple loopbacks are always a good idea.
It make maintenance much more painless.
One loopback for inet, one for inet6, one for *vpn.
Also colleague of mine point that is good to separate familly who 
support GRES from those who not.

> For IGP keep a flat area, no need to segment.

Agreed, flat design with least pfx possible.
Eventually look at LFA (it does not cost much and it was cool to have 
pre-installed backup path).

> For IXs I'd recommend a separate routing-instance. This will help you avoid
> stuff like someone defaulting to you and transit deviations.

OK, but this vrf would be leaked in the "dmz" vrf, so how do you avoid 
this kind of leaking ?
For the default leak, what about a static default backup route ?

Raphael Mazelier

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