[j-nsp] Any sort of EVPN Success with: vMX 16.x and QFX5100

Alexander Marhold alexander.marhold at gmx.at
Fri Oct 7 11:16:24 EDT 2016

As far as I know the paper deals with EVPN over VXLAN
As far as I know the vMX 16.1 does NOT support EVPN over VXLAN ( at least
that I was told by some Juniper SEs and by the PLM manager for EVPN)



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    We've been working on a lab re-creating a Juniper whitepaper on the
subject of EVPN, but we cannot figure out where we messed up =D

    Everything show up correctly in the core, spines/leafs, but L2
broadcast's are not propagated/managed as expected by the Core.

        aka: cannot ping between test devices on access ports for the Tenant
since ARP broadcast are not answered.

    Anyone got any success?  Or do we have the wrong white paper?

    Thank for your time.


    PS: I wish Juniper would adopt the standard to list the devices and
their firmware to those whitepapers.  Took 1/2 a day to figure out we needed
16.x for the vMX part of the equation. Oh and some peer review =D

    White paper in question:


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