[j-nsp] Very basic question about MPLS and RSVP's place in the design

Alexander Marhold alexander.marhold at gmx.at
Thu Oct 27 01:08:03 EDT 2016

There is also some good Juniper information available on the Juniper site

This Week: deploying MPLS

Or as book

MPLS in the SDN era

The first 2 are quite good for starters learning the mechanisms

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Hi, I totally agree.  I was just trying to learn about RSVP and it’s uses in a lab setting.  Call this more of a personal growth and improving of skills, I’m not trying to build anything production related.  I did build an LDP based environment and you’re right it was pretty straight forward and was in fact where I started.  So, no I’m not sure I need RSVP at all but it seemed important to learn.  I think I’ll take a step back, read the book suggested and bone up on the basics further first.

> On Oct 26, 2016, at 2:43 AM, sthaug at nethelp.no wrote:
>> I $,1rym trying to wrap my head around MPLS and have built a small lab.  I understand how provider routers label switch packets and how provider edges use VRF instances and their distinguishers and targets to address each other.  Per the Juniper examples I have LDP and RSVP enabled on all the transit interfaces along with MPLS and obviously the correct interface families (MPLS) attached to the same transit interfaces.  
> Are you sure you need RSVP and bandwidth reservation? If you can do 
> without this, a basic MPLS network with LDP but without RSVP is quite 
> a bit easier to build and understand.
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