[j-nsp] need HELP black holing a /32 via BGP community.

Matthew Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
Thu Sep 15 12:53:28 EDT 2016


I have a /32 that I need to add a community to so get my upstreams to blackhole the traffic.

Can anyone send me any points on how to do that?

I have:

policy-statement pl-blackhole {
    term match-route {
        from {
            prefix-list blackhole-prefixes;
    then {
        community add blackhole;

prefix-list blackhole-prefixes {

community blackhole members [ 7922:666 1239:66 ];

I’ve added pl-blockhole to my upstream BGP group export statement.

Am I on the right track?  What am I missing?

Matthew Crocker
President – Crocker Communications
matthew at corp.crocker.com<mailto:matthew at corp.crocker.com>

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