[j-nsp] Junos 15 on EX2200's

Matt Freitag mlfreita at mtu.edu
Thu Aug 31 14:44:00 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm wondering what your stories are with Junos 15 on EX2200 switches. I ask
because we need a decent captive portal (probably one better than the one
Junos 12 offers us but we're testing it) for our residence halls so people
can plug a new device in and be made to register with a captive portal.

Right now you have to find out your MAC address and use another device
that's already online to register the thing that's offline or you just
can't go anywhere.

I think our best option is to get to Junos 15 so we can do centralized web
authentication instead of pushing some poorly done web page that posts
stuff back to our NAC, but I need some input on how bad Junos 15 is on

Thanks for your time!

Matt Freitag
Network Engineer
Information Technology
Michigan Technological University
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