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as far as I know, no. there is a complete separation between S-LAN and C-LAN; local VLANs can be S-LANs, if you are a provider, or C-LANs, if you are a customer; but you cannot manage an S-LAN if you are a customer or manage a C-LAN if you are a provider.

However some time ago somebody told you can do that with an MX router, but never with an EX switch.

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I'm trying to achieve the following:
- One of my providers is handing to me a Q-in-Q link
- Each S-VLAN is heading to a remote site
- Each C-VLAN range is mapped to a S-VLAN

Is there a way with only EX4500/4200 (no hairpin, no second device to pop the S-VLAN tags) to terminate any C-VLAN to a local (on the EX) l3 interface ?

Juniper support website is most of the time contradictory with itself...

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