[j-nsp] R: EX4550: storm-control on commit

Jeff Meyers Jeff.Meyers at gmx.net
Fri Jan 27 16:27:03 EST 2017


> I also have 2 x EX4550 in VC with storm-control enabled, but it never
> happens to me to get that message on commit;
> I have this configuration for storm-control:
> set ethernet-switching-options storm-control interface all
> I am wondering what is your configuration for the ae2.0 interface:
> can you check that ? which physical interfaces are on ae2 ? what are
> their configurations? Maybe there is a loop somewhere in between
> those.

we have this one:

interface all {
     level 1;

ae2 is actually a LACP channel containing 2x 10GE to a customer. 
Generally yes there might be a potential loop behind. The curious part 
is however that this message mostly appears on commits and not 
necessarily also without a commit. This is not limited to our EX4550 VC 
but can also be seen on some EX3300 ToR switches. Typically all with 
storm-control level 1-5 configured.

> Also, can you check your log messages ? if you do a "help syslog
> ESWD_ST_CTL_ERROR_IN_EFFECT" it tells you:

Yes, that happens every once in a while. Although I cannot guarantee 
this is not loop-caused, the impact to our network caused by loops is 
was typically clearly visible by disappearing ARP entries on the routers 
and/or jumping MACs (at least until we set storm-control low enough 
which is even < 1% so we use the bandwidth option here).


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