[j-nsp] R: EX4550: storm-control on commit

Valentini, Lucio Lucio.Valentini at siag.it
Fri Jan 27 08:09:47 EST 2017

Hi there,

I also have 2 x EX4550 in VC with storm-control enabled, but it never happens to me to get that message on commit;

I have this configuration for storm-control:

set ethernet-switching-options storm-control interface all

I am wondering what is your configuration for the ae2.0 interface: can you check that ? which physical interfaces are on ae2 ? what are their configurations? Maybe there is a loop somewhere in between those.

Also, can you check your log messages ? if you do a "help syslog ESWD_ST_CTL_ERROR_IN_EFFECT" it tells you:

Message:       <interface-name>: storm control in effect on the port
Help:          Storm control error in effect an interface
Description:   This condition occurs when storm control error condition is
Type:          Error: An error occurred
Severity:      alert
Facility:      LOG_DAEMON

So I think it can´t be overlooked.

I hope this helps you



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Hello everybody,

we are having a kind of strange haviour here. It's not really an issue but at least a curiousity. On a couple of EX4550 in VC we have storm-control enabled. This works fine so far. But on every commit, we see a "storm-control in effect" message in our logs:

Jan 26 11:50:45  cs0 eswd[1298]: ESWD_ST_CTL_ERROR_IN_EFFECT: ae2.0: 
storm control in effect on the port
Jan 26 11:51:47  cs0 eswd[1298]: ESWD_ST_CTL_ERROR_IN_EFFECT: ae2.0: 
storm control in effect on the port

I wonder where this comes from. I doubt that this is real since most commits only contain a vlan configuration change for some ports but no major adjustments. Maybe someone can bring some light in this.

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