[j-nsp] BGP add-path on QFX

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Mon Jan 30 07:47:42 EST 2017

 ❦ 30 janvier 2017 11:45 +0100, Vincent Bernat <bernat at luffy.cx> :

>>> > No ideas on what can be wrong with your configuration :(
>>> > We run add-path on most MXes without any problems. Just tried with QFX 
>>> > (not running bgp actually), add-path command is not hidden for me and commit 
>>> > check succeeds: 
>>> Thanks for checking, that's helpful!
>>> In fact, I am using routing instances. Like you, I can get add-path
>>> send/receive outside a routing instance, but inside, add-path is
>>> hidden. I assumed this was independent of the routing instance
>>> (configured type virtual-router), so I didn't bother to check that.
>>> Does "set routing-instances rr1 protocols bgp group apath family inet
>>> unicast add-path ..." complete for you?
>> Looks like routing-instances is the difference. Within routing-instance
>> add-path does not complete for me too, neither on QFX nor on MX.
> So, I am trying to not use routing instances. Is there a way to tell a
> BGP group to use a different primary RIB than inet.0 (for family inet
> unicast)? There is the rib-group directive but it enforces that the
> first member of the rib-group to be the primary RIB.

In fact, I will switch to using logical-systems. The option is available
in this case and works fine in lab.
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