[j-nsp] [rbak-nsp] SE600 End of life status

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What I stated in my previous post is your legal right as a software licensee, irrespective of what some software manufacturers may state on their websites to the contrary. 

If you need help enforcing your right to bug fixes in your licensed software, you should either get a lawyer or place the equipment under contract with a firm like Multiven. 


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AFAIK you wrong. 

You cannot open JTAC or TAC (Cisco) case if you don't have valid support contract. 
Same regarding software upgrades - you cannot upgrade to next major version without valid support contract. 
You cannot download any software from Juniper or Cisco without valid service contracts (even it's same version as you have on devices). 

What you mean they gets the OEM ? They can raise JTAC case for end of life / end of support gear ? 


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