[j-nsp] [rbak-nsp] SE600 End of life status

Doug McIntyre merlyn at geeks.org
Wed Jul 26 12:33:32 EDT 2017

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 09:49:07AM +0200, Robert Hass wrote:
> AFAIK you wrong.
> You cannot open JTAC or TAC (Cisco) case if you don't have valid support
> contract.
> Same regarding software upgrades - you cannot upgrade to next major version
> without valid support contract.
> You cannot download any software from Juniper or Cisco without valid
> service contracts (even it's same version as you have on devices).

That isn't correct.

There are cases (especially in Cisco land), where a security bug can
have a case opened by a non-support contract, original owner of the
device, in order to update around a security bug. In some cases, the
bug isn't fixed in the older versions of code, and you can end up with
a new major version of software. This is only for original owners (you
may have to provide an invoice showing the sale of the device to you),
and for devices that aren't EOM. I have done this for Catalyst switches,
when I quoted the PSIRT for a given device.

Europe also has stronger consumer protection laws that enforce much
stronger warrantees for software defects as well.



"All customers, regardless of contract status, receive free incident response assistance, similar to that offered to contract customers, for any incident that involves known or reasonably suspected security vulnerability in a Cisco product."

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