[j-nsp] PIM-ASM on QFX5100

Andrey Kostin ankost at podolsk.ru
Wed Jun 14 17:01:13 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Does anybody have experience with using PIM routing on QFX5100 
switches? I use PIM on irb interfaces in both upstream and downstream 
directions. Receivers are directly connected to downstream irb interface 
and upstream irb interface connects to MX router. In my setup SSM groups 
work, PIM joins are forwarded upstream hop-by-hop to source addresses 
but I can't make it work for ASM groups, looks like registers never 
leave to remote RP or never processed if RP is configured local on QFX. 
MX routers do encapsulation/decapsulation for PIM register packets 
forwarded to RP, is QFX capable to do this and does it require special 
configuration or may be special license?

Kind regards,

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