[j-nsp] inject unresolvable static route via bgp

Alexander Dube nsp at layerwerks.net
Thu Jun 22 07:39:02 EDT 2017


we try to implement a route injection with a vmx to reduce the count of static routes on our core routers ( a very large amount ... ) 

I've the problem, that if i set a static route on the vmx, it will be advertised with the wrong next-hop ( self in this case ) 
The session between the vmx and our core router is ibgp currently. Even with multihop no-nexthop-change it isnt working 

For example: 

show routing-options static route 

This will result in: 

show route detail 

inet.0: 18 destinations, 18 routes (18 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden) (1 entry, 1 announced) 
*Static Preference: 5 
Next hop type: Reject, Next hop index: 0 
Address: 0xa06fec4 
Next-hop reference count: 2 
State: <Active Int Ext> 
Local AS: 123 
Age: 2:06 
Validation State: unverified 
Task: RT 
Announcement bits (3): 0-KRT 4-BGP_RT_Background 5-Resolve tree 4 
AS path: I 

show route advertising-protocol bgp 

inet.0: 18 destinations, 18 routes (18 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden) 
Prefix Nexthop MED Lclpref AS path 
* Self 100 I 

Is there any way that the router is advertising the correct unmodified next-hop and not self? 
I know that that this is possible with modifying the next-hop via the export policy and this works very well, but in our specific case this would result into a more than 500k lines policy-statement... 

Kind regards 

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