[j-nsp] cheapest juniper router capable of lsys

Chris Burton chris.burton at speakeasy.net
Wed Jun 28 01:40:11 EDT 2017

I can't speak to Vmware (workstation or vSphere) or Virtualbox, but with 
a few of the vMX licenses and a cheap server off of eBay running Ubuntu 
14.04 or 16.04 and KVM you can run several instances of vMX on a single 
machine.   On a dual Xeon E5-2670 equipped  with 128GB of memory I am 
able to boot and run a total of 7 vMX instances and build a rather 
massive working topologies. Based on the available memory left and CPU 
cycles left I could probably boot several additional instances, but 
because of the aforementioned CPU usage of the data-plane (even with 
lite-mode enabled) I start running into cooling issues on the CPU (temps 
creep into the critical range).

That being said, unless you want to test items that do not work in 
logical systems (for instances EVPN) you can happily run a single 
instance of vMX using multiple logical systems (I have tested up to 12, 
but I think you can go to 15 logical-systems, possibly more), using 
either lt- interfaces or can modify the configuration and run a lot more 
of the built-in interfaces, depending upon version you can get up to 96 
interfaces, though I have only successfully booted up with 48 interfaces 
(things start getting dicey passed 48 interfaces, and it can take 10-15m 
to boot the entire system assuming it does not crash, both control and 
data plane).

Also, if you use KVM and linux bridge you can bypass the issues with the 
bridges not forwarding LLDP and LACP traffic, but you have to willing to 
dive into modifying certain parts of the virtual bridge network drivers 
and compile your own custom kernel, as by standards bridges are not 
supposed to forward the traffic related to LCAP and LLDP.  I have also 
heard that this can be bypassed by using Open vSwitch, but I have not 
tested that.  The only items I have not yet been able to get working are 
related to Ethernet OAM, but so far everything else I have tested has 
worked either directly or with some modification.



On 06/27/2017 02:41 PM, Aaron Gould wrote:
> I know, but I'm pretty sure that 15.1F3.11 that I run in my virtual box was a vMX download from juniper.net
> -Aaron
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> Olive ist he free version of Junos, tolerated but not supported by Juniper as far as I know. It´s made for research and educational purposes, not production.
> Hope this helps,
> Cheers
> LV
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> Mine says...
> I thought this was vMX.  Is it?
> root at r8-j> show version
> Hostname: r8-jF3.11 built 2015-10-27 19:44:47 UTC
> Model: olive
> Junos: 15.1F3.11
> JUNOS Base OS boot [15.1F3.11]
> JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [15.1F3.11]
> - Aaron
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>   ❦ 27 juin 2017 13:33 -0500, "Aaron Gould" <aaron1 at gvtc.com> :
>> I think on my vMX when I type "show version" it says "olive"  :|
> For me, it looks like that:
> juniper at vMX> show version
> Hostname: vMX
> Model: vmx
> Junos: 16.1R1.7
> JUNOS OS Kernel 64-bit  [20160624.329953_builder_stable_10]
> JUNOS OS libs [20160624.329953_builder_stable_10]
> JUNOS OS runtime [20160624.329953_builder_stable_10]
> [...]
> Maybe you have an early version (something before 14.1)?
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