[j-nsp] MX Forwarding Scale/Monitoring

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 12:08:17 EDT 2017

Hi All,

I’ve searched juniper.net and JTAC has also failed me, so I turn to
j-nsp for help;

$dayjob has some MX chassis which are running 13.something (basically
pre 15.1 which is when “show system resource-monitor fpc” was added).

We want to monitor FIB usage on our MX platforms. “show system
resource-monitor fpc” shows PFE memory NH and FW memory utilisation
percentage. How can we achieve the same thing pre-15.1?

 Looking at the output from the following command raises more
questions than they answer:

$ request pfe execute target fpc0 command "show jnh 0 pool usage"

This does actually show EDMEM usage however not all EDMEM is allocated
for NH entries and there is free EDMEM space not allocated for any
purpose (yet), so it’s not clear what our NH utilisation percentage is
(I guess we could add the current NH allocation with the unused space
and use that as a guestimate?).

$ request pfe execute target fpc0 command "show jnh 0 pool summary”

This again shows overall EDMEM usage but not NH utilisation.

$ request pfe execute target fpc0 command "show luchip 0”

This shows “RLDRAM:  576 Mb by 4 devices at 533 MHz” but I was under
the impression only 32 or 64MBs of RDLRAM is used by the LUchip/PPEs
for EDMEM entries, so looking at the percentage of RLDRAM used is no
good right? Also what are these “4” devices? All our cards are MPC2E
or MPC3E with mostly 2 PFEs off the top of my head.


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