[j-nsp] migration from cisco VRF+Vrrp to the juniper ACX

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Wed May 2 04:22:23 EDT 2018

On 1 May 2018 at 17:07, A. Camci <avciguzeli at gmail.com> wrote:
> does anyone have an idea why it does not work on Acx( vrf+ vrrp).
> Br ap

How have you tried to debug this set up?

>From your original em ail:"maybe vrf+vrrpdoesnt work on a ACX." - Have
you confirmed this, are you trying something that isn't
supported/supposed to work?

"after migration to the ACX has customer no connection from the VRF.
if we switch back to cisco, everything works fine" - How are you
verifying this?

When ACX is master have you checked ARP and MAC tables to see that
physically traffic is being forwarded to the ACX?

Is there a switch inbetween, correct VLANs are allowed on the correct
ports? Are the MAC tables updated after master switch over?

Have you checked the interface counters on the ACX to see that traffic
is coming into the ACX?

Can you run a packet capture on the ACX to see it is the correct
traffic? Can you mirror the switch ports to check there too?

Do you see any drop counters on the ACX?

What have you actually done to debug this issue?


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