[j-nsp] "show ip cef exact-route"

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Fri May 11 04:39:40 EDT 2018

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a command like the Cisco CEF "exact-route" command
on Juniper?

I've seen this older thread: https://lists.gt.net/nsp/juniper/50645

Which links to a post on using JSIM but for DPC cards, but I'm
interested in MPC cards:

Does anyone have any details on using JSIM on MPC cards on MX
platforms? Or is there "another way" ?

I'm going to open a JTAC case as well as asking here however, in the
past they have rejected requests to explain PFE commands to me or
provide documentation for them. I have managed it a few times but only
after a couple of weeks of non-stop screaming. So I'm not holding my
breath for that option.

Kind regards,

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