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On 5/11/18 15:15, mike+jnsp at willitsonline.com wrote:
> Hi,
>     So I want to connect an MX240 and some other gear in a single
> cabinet at 208V. The group has convinced me this can work in general. I
> am now trying to find a rack mounted or Zero-U type metered 208V PDU but
> I am having a hell of a time finding one for this application. The power
> cords on the juniper are the 6-20 type (one ground, one horizontal
> blade, and one vertical blade), and I can't seem to find any PDU that
> have that as outlet styles. I do find some that have the 'C20' type,

You switch to a PDU  that is  a mix of c19 and c13.

for your c20 and c14 plugs

so for example


and yeah you have new power cords.

> which is what the juniper has for an input at the power supply side of
> things. Im just trying to understand... is the deal that I now have to
> order different power cords and try to find some commonality between
> them all? My other gear is likely to be like ASR920 or somesuch and I
> am  totally confused how this could or should all be working. Someone
> out there can help me I hope..
> Mike-
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