[j-nsp] More power questions

Pavel Lunin plunin at gmail.com
Sat May 12 03:18:50 EDT 2018

> The NEMA 6-20 plug is very uncommon in a datacenter environment. I
> don't know why Juniper sells those cords.

It's not Juniper, it's the reseller/partner who quotes the spec. For the MX
series you don't have any default per-country power cord option, which is
the case for the EX, branch SRX etc.

MX240/480/960 PSU has a standard C20 connector and than it's upto the
customer to choose the plug type (list priced like $75) or not buy any.

As most customers don't care of cables when placing orders for several tens
or hundreds of thousands, resellers usually put something at their own
choice, which often goes to the trash bin later.

Kind regards,

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