[j-nsp] QFX5100 System Process SNMP monitor

Chris Lee chris at datachaos.com.au
Sat May 19 23:00:07 EDT 2018

Hi all,

We recently hit a jdhcpd bug in our QFX5100 VC (14.1X53-D30 release) which
looks to be from the number of defunct zombie processes increasing over
time leading up to an ungraceful failover of the routing engines.

I have LibreNMS monitoring the QFX and it automagically graphs the running
process count, but I'm struggling to figure out an SNMP MIB object number
that gives me the same process count, as I'd like to monitor the same value
in our existing PRTG installation to send email/SMS alerts when certain
thresholds are reached until we can follow JTAC's recommendation to upgrade
the QFX release to D46.

I've downloaded the MIB pack from Juniper and tried grepping the files for
"process" and "processes" but can't seem to find anything relevant.

Anyone familiar with the SNMP on the QFX know where I might find total
system process count ?


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